Joseph Bircher Statement

JoeB_4Being an architect, I am constantly involved in solving problems of space and composition. The end product of my work typically includes visionary renderings of clients’ desired structures. It is work that I enjoy and for which I am naturally suited, but the outcome is based on specific parameters and team collaboration.

I find thinking about, creating and producing fine art allows me to make use of geometry and perspective, but from my personal point of view. In a different application, within the constraints of my own choosing, I am drawn to subjects that are related to architecture, particularly buildings and cityscapes.

I became serious about my oil painting a few years ago. I use architectural drawing and construction principles in my paintings, but work to bring an expressive ā€“ versus tight or technical ā€“ quality to my work. I became interested in landscapes as part of this progression. I also strive to create works that are conceptual and part of a group, or series. Lately, I am using a mixed media approach as my interest in abstracts and collage has grown.